A mysterious forest that even scientists can’t find the reason, Undergrowth pine trees in Poland

     The area is reminiscent of some horror movie from Hollywood.  In West Pomerania, Poland, there is a dense forest of pine trees.  Let’s think about what’s so surprising about this.  There is a secret behind these pine trees that even scientists cannot discover.  The base of the 400 trees standing here is curved.

These trees were planted in 1930.  The trunk, which grows upwards from the roots, grows upwards a little closer to the soil.  It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.  All trees have the same curve on the same side.

    But no one has been able to give a clear reason for this phenomenon.

   Scientists are also in total turmoil.  Trees that grow in this way have worked wonders for many.  Some conclude that trees grow in this way as part of some mechanical action.  Some say that the undergrowth of trees is the result of continuous snowfall.  Anyway this pine tree forest in Poland is still growing wonderfully.

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