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Sound Mirrors of Great Britain

January 3, 2022

The first use of aircraft was during World War I. In the early years of the war, planes were increasingly used for espionage and surveillance, but as the war progressed, air strikes became more deadly by the end of the war. For the next war to be successful, the Allies needed to develop new strategies…

Russia’s failed lunar mission

November 30, 2021

One of the reasons for the Cold War between Russia and the United States in the 1960s was who would land the first man on the moon. At that time, Russia was at the forefront of all space missions. But Russia’s mission to land a man on the moon. In 1962, John F. Kennedy, President…

Saliot 7 – Russia’s space rescue mission

November 24, 2021

From April 1982 to February 1991, Russia’s Salute 7 was a low-lying space station (LEO) on Earth, which was part of their “Soviet Salute Program”. In February 1985, after three astronauts returned to Earth, the Salute 7 space station began to run into problems. The problems started with a circuit breaker trip due to overcurrent….

Say no to star wars

November 18, 2021

Russia recently had its own missile smashed by one of its own missiles for testing. Weapons test. In the past, China did the same in 2007. It smashed its own weather satellite with a missile, producing about 3,000 tennis ball-sized pieces and about a million grains. This is one-third of the current space debris. Many…

International Space Station for its research activities 21 years old.

November 4, 2021

This is an excellent example of international cooperation in the field of scientific research. The station is maintained by five NASA-led space agencies. In addition to NASA in the United States, JAXA in Japan, Roscosmos in Russia, and CSA in Canada, the European Space Agency (ESA). The space exploration scene, which was once in the…

Tons of gold still under sea: Lutin shipwreck

October 21, 2021

The HMS Lutin, a British ship bound for Germany, sank on October 9, 222 years ago. It was a ship carrying tons of gold and silver. To this day, the treasure of the ship has not been found. The search for this continues. Treasure hunters believe that somewhere in the depths, the sight of a…

Air Force One

September 22, 2021

The Air Force-One is a Boeing 747-200 or jumbo jet designed for the official travels of American presidents. Named the Flying White House, the aircraft has all the facilities of a weight house. It is equipped with self-propelled weapons and guns capable of countering and counterattacking both ground and air attacks. The U.S. military has…

The ‘flying’ Dream

September 16, 2021

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), the world-famous painter and sculptor, was the first to think about and logically design flying machines.The first glider was built in 1893, four centuries later. Ten years later, in 1903, the Wright brothers built the first mechanized aircraft.Then, three decades later, the first rocket flew into the sky The history of…

The first docking in space by man

September 8, 2021

The Soviet Union is leapfrogging into space. America is very busy. The competition for who comes first is fierce. The space mission carrying about twenty men is over. Now comes the important part. Docking or manned spacecraft. That is the most important training to land on the moon. The Atlas rocket carrying the Agena spacecraft…