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Chandrayaan-3 re-raised orbit.

July 22, 2023

ISRO conducted the orbit raising maneuver like a flower at 3 pm today. With this, the fourth lift of the probe was completed. Officials say that what can be done on World Lunar Day itself gives happiness.New orbit 71,000 km x 230 km The next lift-off will be on Tuesday, July 25 at the same…

Venus or Venus

July 20, 2023

In the 1960s, while the United States was constantly trying to touch the moon, the Cold War pushed the Soviet Union to touch Venus. Of the 28 probes they sent in succession, only 13 penetrated the atmosphere of Venus, and of those, Venera 13 was able to take the best color image. They beat America…

China has successfully completed the acceptance test of Linglong One, the core module of the world’s first small modular reactor for commercial use.

July 19, 2023

This is a major breakthrough in China’s nuclear reactor construction. It is reported that Linglong One can generate one billion kilowatts of electricity a year

Where is Chandrayaan 3 going to land?

July 15, 2023

The landing is expected to be in the 69.37, 32.35 region near the south polar region of the Moon. It is 100 km away from the area where the Chandrayaan 2 lander attempted to land. It is a steep, rocky area. Chandrayaan 2’s landing site was between the craters Mancinus C and Symposiu N. The…

Scientific theories about to be debunked Fermilab also validated the CERN experiment

July 13, 2023

As far as we know, the universe is made up of fundamental particles like electrons and quarks. Everything we see in the universe, including ourselves, is the result of interactions between these particles. Fundamental forces mean interactions of elementary particles. Four fundamental forces have been identified. They are gravitational force, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force…

American company Ocean Gate cancels Titanic wreck adventure tours Ocean Gate announced on Thursday that it is ending the adventure tours to see the Titanic.

July 11, 2023

They shared this information through the website.Such an announcement by Oceangate comes amid ongoing investigations by various departments of the United States and Canada regarding the collapse of the space probe Titan. The previous day, the ocean probe had recovered the remains of Titan. These remains can help determine the cause. The tourists and the…

Brazen Bull: A gruesome ancient Greek torture ritual

July 6, 2023

In ancient Greece, Athens, there was a sculptor named Perillos…He presented a brazen bull to Phalaris, who was also its tyrant…in reality the statue was a torture chamber…it was a statue that contained a man completely…it had a mechanism to put a man inside and lock it from the outside… After that, a fire is…

Starship + Super Heavy The largest and most powerful rocket ever made by man

June 27, 2023

Height: 120 meters. Diameter: 9 meters. Weight: 4600 ton fuel only. Gross weight 5000 ton. Fuel: Liquefied Oxygen(-183 degree Cel) + Liquefied Methane(-161.6 degree Cel) Payload carrying capacity: 250 ton to Low Earth Orbit in non-reusable configuration. 150 ton to LEO in fully reusable configuration. Thrust of First Stage: Equivalent to 7590 ton weight. Thrust…

Some famous self-asked questions that changed the world

June 26, 2023

If an apple falls, then does the moon also fall?By Isaac Newton.led to the theory of gravity How do organisms transmute information about their features over a thousand generations?By Charles Darwinled to the theory of evolution How does a single organism transmit information to its off spring over a single generation?By Gregor Mendelled to the…