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NASA to torch the moon

November 11, 2022

NASA is preparing to launch a torch to the moon. The agency aims to find water in the moon’s south polar region in a mission called Lunar Flashlight. NASA is confident that water is present in craters in the south polar region of the Moon. In the future, the agency plans to focus on this…


October 13, 2022

Enceladus is Saturn’s sixth largest moon, only one-seventh the diameter of our Moon. Perhaps the mysterious sphere in the solar system where extraterrestrial life is most likely! In 1789, British astronomer William Herschel was the first to discover Enceladus, one of Saturn’s inner moons. This discovery was made with the 47 inch telescope he built….

Creatures that live at 400 degrees Celsius!

September 20, 2022

Volcanic snails. They are found in hot volcanic springs in the ocean. Their shells have three layers.The outer layer contains iron sulfides.The middle layer is like the shell of normal snails.The innermost layer is made up of aragonite. Its scientific name is Chrysomallon squamiferum.It is also called volcanic snails.Iron shells are formed in them to…

A ship in the air

April 28, 2022

This is a picture taken by someone off the coast of England last year.David Morris, who took the photo, said he was shocked when he looked out to sea from Gillan’s hamlet.He also copied the picture. Although this myth is common in the Arctic region with very cold climates, it is very rare in winter…

Inverted waterfalls in India (Reverse Waterfalls)

April 18, 2022

With each monsoon, the Indian subcontinent becomes a land of natural wonders. Jumping waterfalls and lush greenery fill the mind and eyes with everlasting signs of earthly scent and beauty and wonder. But the Reverse Waterfalls are a spectacular monsoon phenomenon in the Western Ghats of the country. The flow of water against gravity seems…

Another natural wonder

April 7, 2022

Lake “Spotted” or “Cliluk” in British Columbia, Canada. It contains different minerals in yellow and blue colors. Due to the extremely salty nature of the lake, only a few species survive. Silver and titanium in very small quantities, in addition to compounds such as calcium, sodium sulphate and magnesium sulphate. The ponds formed on the…

Samudrayan – India’s new maritime research project

March 29, 2022

Samudrayaan submarine test successfully completed. GA Ramdas, director of the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and two senior scientists spent an hour and a half in a test vehicle at a depth of seven meters in the water. ISRO is building a special spacecraft, the Matsya 6000, for the mission. Materials and Mechanical Entity…


March 22, 2022

Now in the territory of North AfricaSpinosaurus is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaurs that lived from the Cenomanian to the Late Cretaceous to the Upper Turonian, about 99 to 93.5 million years ago. The name means Spine Lizard. The Spinosaurus was the largest of all known terrestrial carnivores to date.

NASA’s Perseverance extracts another rock from Mars

March 12, 2022

NASA’s Perseverance Rover collects another sample from Mars. This is the seventh rock to be collected from the surface of Mars. This sample was taken from the Jazero crater on Mars. Perseverance is the size of a car. It will collect one more sample from the current area. After that we will travel to the…

Thanks for being with us

March 9, 2022

Some days without the moon …………… There are many reasons why our earth may sit or look like this. The sun has a lot to say about the distance from the sun, the oceans, the atmosphere and the magnetic field. But like all of these, there is someone else who influences the earth in many…