Category: Biology

Victoria Amazonica

January 9, 2023

Its flower is the national flower of Guyana. It is found mostly in the Amazon basin, which contains the lakes and small rivers of Guyana in South America. It is used to make water gardens. Its white flower has the smell of pineapple. Its seeds are expensive, so it can be called an ornamental plant….

Bird appears to set non-stop distance record with 8,435-mile flight from Alaska to Australia

November 12, 2022

Name Godwit He broke the world record for the longest continuous flight ever reported by a living creature. A 5-month-old juvenile godwit was tagged (tracked) and left Alaska on October 13.Went to Ansan’s Bay, Tasmania..!! Flying at least 13,560 km in 11 days and 1 hour, (that’s an average of over 51 km per hour)…

The lost world

September 19, 2022

Deadly version of isolation The Amazon world itself has not yet given any hold to man. Is there any place more isolated than that inside? Mount Roraima is a large mountain with a flat top. It is found in North America along the borders of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. The steep slopes range from 400…

Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur foot prints

August 28, 2022

113 million years ago I walked here armed and killing. This place I once walked was a shallow beach. My heavy footprints, weighing six tons and standing four meters high, were now hidden in the mud and mud of the bottom of the Paluxy River in Texas. But the severe drought this August 2022 has…

Alfalfa: Travelers may be fed on Mars

August 21, 2022

It is certain that in the future, when humans form colonies on Mars and start life there, the colonists and travelers will have to farm for the food they need. Scientists in the US, who have thought about how to meet that food demand, have now almost reached a decision about the plant that will…

I was a king a long time ago

July 5, 2022

Ten thousand years ago you needed a woolen blanket if you wanted to go outside in the hot summer and midday. Because you are in the ice age then. The giants of the ice age that used to live with humans at that time were the woolly mammoths with long tusks. They were found in…