Klein-Levin Syndrome (Sleeping Beauty Syndrome) is a disease that causes people to sleep for weeks on end…

A rare disease that affects only one in a million people worldwide and has yet to be treated.

Some may think that sleeping is not a good arrangement…

But wrong….

Most people diagnosed with this disease sometimes develop temporary brain damage

After waking up, they don’t remember anything.

Getting up during sleep to go to the bathroom or eat

But they don’t remember anything they did during sleep.

Due to this disease, the patient misses many beautiful moments of life, including spending time with family.

Patients should not be forced to wake up during sleep under any circumstances.

If awakened they become violent….

Sleep can sometimes last for weeks or months.

Even if you wake up, it usually takes a long time to come…

After waking up, you will feel very tired and exhausted for a while…

It’s like everything is out of focus….

The light and even the sound in the room may be unbearable for the patient.

Two-thirds of those diagnosed with the disease are men

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