Aliens watching us?

Two years ago, on April 20, 2019, scientists received a unique radio signal from Alpha Centauri, 4 light years away from us. After much study, scientists arrived on December 20, 2020, concluding that it was more likely to be an alien signal. There are many valid reasons to come to such a conclusion. One of them is whether it is a Narrow Band signal or an optical signal or an electronic signal. Such a signal cannot be made from a celestial body. Such a signal can only be generated by some modern technology of man or any other civilized society.

Another point is the signal drifts, which means that it is changing very slightly at the light frequency. This means that it came from some moving spacecraft. However, to date, 998.002 Mega Hertz il has never received another signal like this. Scientists believe that such a signal can only be obtained by a technologically advanced civilized community.

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