Category: Animals

Welcome to the Mini Pandora Forest

July 18, 2024

Have you ever seen pictures of the Amazon rainforest? It’s mostly flat, but in the wildest, most remote parts of the Amazon near the Peruvian border, there’s a mountain that rises half a kilometer above the flat forest. This mountain, known as Cerro El Cono, is believed to be the peak of an extinct volcano….

The Complex World of Ants and Their Sweet Tooth

June 11, 2024

If a little tea is spilled on the table, it won’t be long before you see ants swarming around. If containers holding sweet items aren’t properly sealed, ants will quickly find their way inside. But how do ants from distant places detect sweetness and precisely locate it? Ants use two primary methods to find sweets:…

Fearless Creatures: The Badgers of Bravery

April 15, 2024

In the realm of wildlife, it’s not just the lions and tigers that reign supreme; there exists another species that fearlessly stands its ground – the honey badger. Renowned for their intelligence and tenacity, honey badgers possess traits like sharp claws and impenetrable skin, rendering them formidable opponents. While lions and tigers are commonly associated…

The Amazing Human Sense of Smell

April 7, 2024

Sharks are famous for their sharp sense of smell, detecting blood from far distances. But did you know that humans have an even greater ability? When rain is on its way, we can smell it in the air, thanks to a unique scent released by the soil. Despite its tiny amount—just 0.4 parts per billion—we…

It’s not an alien, it’s a Harpy hawk

April 2, 2024

Can you imagine a big bird with legs as thick as our wrists that could hunt monkeys and foxes? A bird that stays with only one mate for life and shares all the responsibilities of a parent. That is the harpy eagle. A first-time sighting of a harpy hawk can sometimes mistake it for an…

Welcome to Socotra Island ,The alien looking world

July 31, 2023

Want to feel like you’re on another planet? Head straight to the aforementioned archipelago. It is a UNESCO heritage site. Lying between Yemen and Africa. It is believed to have emerged when Arabia separated from Africa 15 to 20 million years ago. It is still with the African plate. About 40% of the plant species…

Brazen Bull: A gruesome ancient Greek torture ritual

July 6, 2023

In ancient Greece, Athens, there was a sculptor named Perillos…He presented a brazen bull to Phalaris, who was also its tyrant…in reality the statue was a torture chamber…it was a statue that contained a man completely…it had a mechanism to put a man inside and lock it from the outside… After that, a fire is…

Some famous self-asked questions that changed the world

June 26, 2023

If an apple falls, then does the moon also fall?By Isaac Newton.led to the theory of gravity How do organisms transmute information about their features over a thousand generations?By Charles Darwinled to the theory of evolution How does a single organism transmit information to its off spring over a single generation?By Gregor Mendelled to the…

Why do Hens only lay eggs during the day?

May 1, 2023

The hen, which is raised by humans worldwide for eggs and meat, is a species of bird in the subfamily Phasianina of the Phasianidae family. The domestic fowls seen today are the descendants of domesticated red fowls. Chickens lay eggs up to 300 days a year compared to other birds. Chickens only lay eggs during…

Do you know of a land where the sun shines even at midnight?

April 20, 2023

Not to mention, there is a land on earth where the sun burns even at midnight; Antarctica. Being near the South Pole, the nights and days here are not like ours. Antarctic summer is always sunny. The time when the sun does not set. It can be said that there is no night here for…