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cherenkov radiation

April 25, 2022

Is it possible to overtake the light? The answer is no, isn’t it? If so, it’s a mistake, because light can be overtaken, but light traveling in a vacuum can not be beaten. The speed of light in a vacuum is 3 lakh km per second. M But … the speed of light is relatively…

Marie Curie was the first and only woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry.

February 22, 2022

For more than 100 years, Curie’s clothing, furniture, books, and laboratory notes have been radioactive. Curie’s laboratory notebooks are still housed in lead – lined boxes in museums in France. Marie Curie’s goods will still be radioactive for 1500 years.

Marie Curie – the legend

December 21, 2021

It would seem unbelievable to say that radioactive radiation is emitted from the body even years after death. But Marie Curie, a scientific genius, shocked scientists posthumously with her life as a gift. Sixty years after the remains of Marie Curie, who died in 1934, were exhumed in 1995, radioactive radiation was still intense. If…

Oh-My-God Particle (OMG Particle)

December 7, 2021

The O-My-God particle (OMG particle) was the ultra high-energy cosmic ray discovered by the ” Fly Eye Camera ‘* on October 15, 1991 in Utah, USA. The energy of this particle is estimated to be (3.2 ± 0.9) × 1020 eV. This is about 20 million times the radiation emitted by an extra galactic object….

Cherenkov radiation

December 4, 2021

The light produced by charged particles as light travels through a transparent medium at a speed faster than the speed of light in that medium. Although the speed of light in a vacuum is a universal constant (c = 299,792,458 m / s), the velocity of an object can be considerably slower because it slows…

What happens if the head gets stuck in the particle accelerator tube?

November 30, 2021

What happens if particles smaller than atoms (subatomic particles) pass through the living human body at the speed of light? Has that ever happened to anyone? So what happened to that man? Year 1978Dated July 13Location Soviet Union. Anatoly Burgos‌ki, a Soviet scientist, was inspecting the largest particle accelerator in the Soviet Union, U30, to…

Carl Sagan (1934-1996)

November 10, 2021

All we see today is the atoms / molecules that formed during and after the Big Bang; What has happened to all of us, including the body, In short, we are the dust particles of some form of star. Isn’t that the beginning of all of us? Only total hydrogen and helium were created during…

A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking’s book that has sold over one million copies

September 2, 2021

‘A Brief History of Time’ is the most popular science book available in the world today for the study of the universe, which has sold over one million copies. Stephen Hawking is a wheelchair-bound physicist. Although he suffered from dementia during his studies, his intelligence could not be prevented from performing miracles. But to the…

Ernst Rutherford

September 1, 2021

August 30, marked the 150th birthday of Ernst Rutherford, the founder of nuclear physics. Ernst Rutherford was born in New Zealand on August 30, 1871, the son of farmer James Rutherford and Martha Thompson, and died in Cambridge on October 19, 1937. Wife: Mary Newton. Daughter: Eileen. Eileen’s husband is the famous physicist RH Fowler….