Do you know?

The Manhattan Project nicknamed the Trinity Test was the most top secret nuclear test conducted by the United States. The movie Oppenheimer was released about it.
Only a handful of people knew about it…after the test America dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan.

But after this trinity test there was another group in this world who knew before the world knew that such a test had taken place…a private company…that too using their own intelligence….it is none other than the world famous film company kodak….

The nuclear radiation that happened after the Trinity experiment was widespread in many places….

The resulting nuclear radiation created strange dots in the film produced by the Kodak company…this kind of film is a very sensitive material….intrigued by this, the research team at Kodak went after it….

they realized that the dot in their X-ray film was one of the various types of radiation that come out when an atomic experiment is conducted…but they kept it as a secret… After t years they released themselves with evidence….

It is said that there is a distance of at least 3000 km between the place where the experiment took place and the place of the Kodak company….and even then the radiation got stuck in the film…Maybe if the decision taken by Kodak who discovered this was different, the course of the Second World War would have changed.

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