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Dart launch success, another year-long journey

November 25, 2021

NASA successfully launches NASA asteroid DART mission Described as the first Earth Defense mission, Dart is trying to find out if the trajectory of an asteroid can be changed by crashing into it. Dart is targeting the tiny asteroid Deformus, which orbits the giant asteroid Didymus. The impact of the thunder is expected to change…

Say no to star wars

November 18, 2021

Russia recently had its own missile smashed by one of its own missiles for testing. Weapons test. In the past, China did the same in 2007. It smashed its own weather satellite with a missile, producing about 3,000 tennis ball-sized pieces and about a million grains. This is one-third of the current space debris. Many…

Air Force One

September 22, 2021

The Air Force-One is a Boeing 747-200 or jumbo jet designed for the official travels of American presidents. Named the Flying White House, the aircraft has all the facilities of a weight house. It is equipped with self-propelled weapons and guns capable of countering and counterattacking both ground and air attacks. The U.S. military has…


August 24, 2021

A ship sails calmly across the sea..suddenly the ship splits in two with an explosion..sinks in the sea..a submarine over 1000 km slowly rises to the surface of the sea. It is not clear who first came up with the idea for the submarine, but the first submarine was built by a Dutch scientist, Cornelius,…

This is how hide ships in world war 1

August 5, 2021

Aerial created ‘smoke curtains’ were deployed by the United States Army Air Forces and other services, used extensively in the South Pacific against the Japanese. Many types of aircraft used this equipment, but the RAF Bostons (Douglas A-20 Havoc) were the most consistent users.

Barrett M-99 Sniper Rifle: – The Barrett M-99 Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle capable of firing at an enemy from a distance of two and a half kilometers and piercing the tracks.

July 29, 2021

Rifles are large, long-barreled guns that rotate the bullet through the barrel of the gun like a pump when fired. For this, there will be long strands inside the gun barrel. Due to these spirals, the bullet that spins (spinning) has a greater tendency to penetrate, and can also travel long distances with accuracy. This…