Tzar Bomba

Sar Bomba is the most powerful nuclear weapon tested till date. This thermonuclear bomb was tested by the Soviet Union on October 30, 1961. This giant bomb had an explosive capacity of 50 megatons of TNT. The AN 602 hydrogen bomb, nicknamed Tsar Bomba, was a plan prepared by Khrushchev to convince the United States of the nuclear power of the Soviet Union.

The bomb was eight meters long and two meters in diameter and weighed 27 tons. The bomb was tested in Mityushikha Bay in the Arctic region. The bomb was dropped from a height of 10.5 km. The flames from the explosion were visible from a distance of 1000 km. The mushroom cloud due to the explosion spread to a height of 64 km. The diameter of the cloud was 95 km.

All structures within a radius of 55 km from the blast center (ground zero) were destroyed. All the woodwork within a radius of hundreds of kilometers was left behind.

Radio signals were disrupted for an hour. There was an increase of three degrees Celsius in temperature within a hundred kilometers from ground zero. The shock waves reached up to 700 km away. Windows in buildings within a radius of 900 km were broken.

Glassware and window panes were broken as far away as Norway and Finland. The seismic counter recorded that the magnitude of the earthquake resulting from the explosion was 5.25. Neither the Soviet Union nor any other country has developed such a deadly nuclear weapon since then.

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