Rashid Rover is ready for a historic mission.

Rashid rover, the U.A.’s lunar mission, is in full swing. The Crown Prince of Dubai has also been appointed to the Executive Council. Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is from Yarman. All required tests have been successfully completed.

The history of being the first Arab state to reach the moon is imminent. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center operated behind this. He also congratulated the engineers and the team. added Hamdan’s tweet is with his picture.

The sale of Rashid Rover will be between November 9 and 15. Rashid jumps from Kennedy Space Center in Florida . The exact date will be announced in the first week of next month. It is the first mission under the government’s long-term lunar exploration programme.

This is Rashidi was found on the Japanese lander Hakuto-R Mission-1. Reach the surface. Wireless communication from the lunar surface Emirati engineers with rover through services Be amazed.

Rover Lakshmi aims to explore the North-East side of the Moon taken lunar soil, geology, dust layer, photoelectron shielding, lunar The day will be made educational through mission.

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