Month: May 2022

Carbon dating- This is how scientist were able to find the age of the fossils

May 30, 2022

Carbon Dating is a method of determining the age of ancient fossil. This style is determined by measuring the radio active radiation issued by the age of the fossils. Organisms are very small amounts of carbon -14 isotope is absorbed from the air. But the death and destruction caused by this process can be started…

Our closest Invisible star!

May 29, 2022

What is the brightest star?If the Sun is the nearest star to the EarthThe second closestA star or star close to the Sun.What will it be? The brightest star is SiriusWe know thatAnd the nearest starMust be Sirius?But someone who cannot be seen with our naked eyesHidden near the earth.Do it only through the telescopeYou…

What if two pieces of the same metal collided in space?

May 28, 2022

What happens if two pieces of the same metal collide on the ground?Nothing special will happen except there will be noise ..! But what if two pieces of the same metal collided in space !? If you touch two pieces of the same metal together in a space vacuum, they will remain in harmony with…

Our footprints on the moon are almost immortal

May 26, 2022

Due to the lack of atmosphere, water, and plates like the Earth’s crust, craters on the moon could remain unchanged for billions of years, meaning you can still see craters that are up to two billion years old. The large dark region we see, or the lower region of the moon, we call the ocean….

Wolfe creek crater

May 24, 2022

It’s not Mars. It’s a desolate place near a desert in western Australia. We can call this crater by many names. You can use preferred names like Meteorite crater, Impact crater and explosion crater. Although it was only discovered by Europeans in 1947, the locals have known about it for centuries, as can be seen…

Shapeless eclipse

May 23, 2022

This shadow was created by Phobos, a satellite of Mars. Photo captured and sent by perseverance Phobos is 150 times smaller than our Moon and 50 times closer to Mars. Because it is so close, Phobos will crash into Mars in the next 50 million years. Also, the number of eclipses is higher because the…

Born to fly

May 22, 2022

Ten years ago today, Felix Baumgartner, a retired Austrian skydiver, set sail in a helium balloon in search of the boundaries of space.He reached 39km and was watched by over 3 million viewers on YouTube. From there, he sped down faster than sound, creating a sonic boom and speeding to 1356 km / h at…

Is it possible to cultivate in lunar soil ?

May 16, 2022

Scientists (UFlorida & UFIFA Solutions) used the regolith sample collected during the Apollo 11,12 & 17 mission to experimentally grow Thale Cress (Arabidopsis taliana) in the soil (Regolith) first brought from the lunar surface. In response to the fact that plants grow in regolith, we will now see if it will help us to cultivate…

Surface image of Venus from the Soviet landlord Venera 14 (1982).

May 14, 2022

This is a processed image from the spacecraft. On March 5, 1982, the spacecraft Venera 14 landed on the surface of Venus.