What if two pieces of the same metal collided in space?

What happens if two pieces of the same metal collide on the ground?
Nothing special will happen except there will be noise ..! But what if two pieces of the same metal collided in space !?

Newtons cradle with six silver metal balls on white background.

If you touch two pieces of the same metal together in a space vacuum, they will remain in harmony with each other indefinitely, or until you separate them. That is,
When two pieces of the same metal collide in space, they combine to form a single piece of metal.

Cold welding is the process of joining two parts of the same metal together at room temperature without the use of fire or current. Only that the molecules at the junction of the two parts do not change by oxidation, or that the molecules of the other material come between them and interfere with the fusion.

Oxidation takes place as soon as the molecules of the metals collide with the oxygen in the atmosphere.

In addition, no matter how much the two metals combine, a thin layer of air forms between them. Therefore, cold welding does not take place in our atmosphere. But that is not the case in space. When copper, aluminum, or something else is broken up in space and reassembled, they become old-fashioned.
To prevent cold welding, the metal parts of space vehicles are sent off the ground with a special coating.

Cold welding can be done not only in space but also in vacuum chambers on the ground.

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