Meteor shower

If you look at the sky for a long time on a normal night without clouds, you may see a few meteorites. But every year there are occasional meteor showers focusing on certain parts.

These meteorites are caused by matter emitted by comets passing close to the Sun. A concentrated meteorite occurs as the Earth passes in the direction of the comet’s orbit. They are called meteor showers because of their continuous fall.

The meteorite known as Leonid is a very noticeable one. The meteorites appear on the side of the Leo Constellation. Because it is known as Leonid. The meteor shower is caused by the ejection of the comet Tempel-Turtle. It will be visible by mid-November.

Meteorite – March 2021

Gemini (Gemini) in December and Orionidus (Hunter) in October are meteorites that can be seen close to their respective constellations.

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