Usain Bolt on asteroids

Discovered the fastest asteroid in the Solar System.
The Chilean Dark Energy Camera (DECam) has detected another asteroid, AJ193, which orbits at 94,000 kilometers per hour and completes its orbit in just 113 days, just days after it crossed Earth. The runner was first spotted by scientists on August 13.

Named 2021 PH27, the asteroid orbits the Sun once less than any other planet except Mercury. 2021 PH27 is moving at a very strong velocity of 106km / s during perihelion.
Mercury needs 88 Earth days to complete one orbit. In addition, the celestial body that passes closest to the Sun is 2021 PH27. The asteroid orbits at a distance of 20 million kilometers (12.4 million miles) from the Sun. Mercury, meanwhile, travels 47 million kilometers (29 million miles) from the Sun.

As the Sun nears its end, 2021 PH27 will pass through temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius (900 Fahrenheit). Astronomers have speculated that the asteroid may be traveling very close to the Sun’s heavy gravitational field. Scientists believe that the asteroid belt is part of the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and that its orbit may have been moved closer to the Sun as a result of the gravitational pull of other planets.

Scientists say that the orbit of this small sphere may change over time and eventually collide with Mercury, Venus, or even the Sun, but only after millions of years. Scientists also doubt whether this asteroid is a comet. However, scientists are currently studying other asteroids as there is currently no threat from this asteroid.

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