MONEY TREE — A tree that is synonymous with a money-bearing tree; That is the oud or akhil which is considered as an alternative to sandalwood. Just a tree in appearance, its value is enormous. Achilles, which is used to make perfumes, is more expensive than gold.

Akil is a medicinal plant in Ayurveda. (Aquilaria malaccensis) It is also known as Aura in Hindi, Eagle Wood and Agarwood in English and Oud (هندي) in Arabic. Also known as Aloe in Greek and Ahalim in Hebrew. Although akil comes in many varieties, black akil is the most commonly used for ayurvedic medicine. It is also used to treat skin ailments and to get rid of rheumatism and phlegm. Also commonly used for eye and ear diseases.

There are many types of Achilles. Of these, black acacia is the most beneficial. It’s hot. Bitter and spicy juice. When black oak is soaked in water, it sinks like metal. Common in Bhutan, Himalayas in India, Assam and parts of Kerala, especially Malabar. The major species found in Kerala is known as Dysoxylum malabaricum. It grows into a very large tree. This tree bears flowers throughout the year and bears fruit. Its core is slightly fragrant with honey and sandalwood.

The branches are slender and the leaves are about three inches wide. In addition, the flowers and fruits are white. In Ayurveda, akil is considered to be a fragrant substance. But more important than this is the presence of this type of beetle that pierces the tree. The bark of the ooze tree cracks and a kind of liquid comes out. This liquid has a special flavor. This attracts beetles to the tree. These beetles actually produce ooze. The beetles begin to coexist inside the heart of the ooze tree. The enzyme that comes out of these beetles causes a special kind of fungus on the tree. Moreover, the core of the tree crumbles into various shapes. When this process is complete, the ooze tree will look like a large snail. This piece of wood is an invaluable spice.

The perfume extracted from the ooze costs lakhs of rupees per liter. The price of ooze is determined by the age of the tree. Ouds are available in the market at prices ranging from Rs 6,000 to Rs 1 lakh. The thickness and dark color of the oil make it extremely recognizable. The price of ooze oil ranges from 3,000 to 22,000 per 12 mg. Seventy kilos of ooze can barely produce 20 ml of ointment. This is the reason why ooze cultivation is not widespread in Kerala. Ood is considered to be the most advanced species of tree which is at least 100 years old due to natural disease .. !!

The ooze tree is found mostly in the forests of South Asia. The most precious variety in the world is Oudh from India. In the forests of Guwahati region of Assam in India. The sapling of this tree will also grow in the soil of our Kerala. In some parts of Kerala, ooze trees are now being cultivated. In Kollam district, there are people who cultivate ooze commercially. This tree gives us high returns from low to low investment.

It does not require any special care. The climate of Kerala is very suitable for this purpose and it can be grown as an intercrop in squash, rubber, coconut and cardamom plantations at no extra cost. Pits can be planted at a spacing of 8 x 8 feet at a depth of 1.5 feet. The first year should be watered in summer. It can be harvested in the eighth year if it is given artificial insemination (fungus treatment) in the fifth year after planting. It can be said that there is no cost of farming, no pests and no care.

Audi has a huge global market, with the largest customer base in the world being in the Arab world. These are priced according to grade. The fruits and leaves of the ooze tree are used medicinally and the leaves are used as a tea. The Arabs still use oud for various skin diseases .. !!!

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