Wolfe creek crater

It’s not Mars. It’s a desolate place near a desert in western Australia. We can call this crater by many names. You can use preferred names like Meteorite crater, Impact crater and explosion crater.

Although it was only discovered by Europeans in 1947, the locals have known about it for centuries, as can be seen from their many legends that explain how it came to be. Something like an atomic bomb exploded there.

Later, a number of small iron-bearing meteorites were discovered in its vicinity. The crater is now 850 meters in diameter.
The 15 km area has been declared a National Park, making it a popular tourist destination.

Wolf creek: 2005 movie

In the Wolf creek series
I saw the first movie. It is a serial killer who does not like tourists and kills people who come to see this place. The movie is really a thriller / horror. The film is inspired by the psychopath Ivan Milat, who often killed dozens of backpackers in Australia during the 1990s. He died in prison in October 2019.

The crater is the second largest meteorite crater in the world.

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