A ship sails calmly across the sea..suddenly the ship splits in two with an explosion..sinks in the sea..a submarine over 1000 km slowly rises to the surface of the sea.

It is not clear who first came up with the idea for the submarine, but the first submarine was built by a Dutch scientist, Cornelius, in the 1620s.

The idea for the submarine came to the world in the 1770s, during the American Civil War, when the United States was waging a civil war. It’s not that I ‘m not good at it, it’s that I’ m not good at it.

The Nautilus submarine, built by the United States in the 1800s, proved to be capable of destroying any ship. ..The Germans smashed an American merchant ship into Nice thinking it belonged to the United States participated in the First World Germany lost the war.

Missile submarines

Russia was the first country to build a missile capable of launching missiles, but Russian submarines could only launch missiles when they came to the surface of the water.

The ballast tank has the ability to be submerged in water and to rise when desired.

There are two main answers to the question of how to find the remaining ships.

2.SONAR (Sound Navigation Ranging)

A periscope is a device with a reflective mirror mounted at an angle of 45 at both ends in the shape of a long tube (sample below)
Its unique feature is that it can clearly see anything in the ocean from below. It can rotate in any direction and use infrared rays at night.
Sonar can capture sound waves and record their distance and the shape of the object being hit.

The most troubling thing is that many submarine accidents we do not recognize or respond to in a timely manner. When submerged, the communication channel is often cut off.

They can usually be submerged continuously for up to three months. A submarine can travel under the ocean at speeds of 20 to 40 nautical miles.

In the case of Indian submarines, there are ATVs and the Scorpion class, as well as a few older submarines belonging to the Sindhu Ghosh class.

The deepest submarine in France was the “Trieste”, which went to 10912 mtr / 10 km and explored the Mariana Trench.

They are mainly attacked by torpedoes.

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