“Humanity’s honeycomb to collect sweetest sceneries of the past”

James Webb has successfully completed all the intricate and subtle deployments of the orbit, overcoming even the most critical of crises by clear calculations.

On January 7 and 8, two parts of the first mirror, which had been folded to either side of the telescope for launch purposes, were fully deployed in space.

First in both parts
The mirror had three mirrors each.
When the final deployment is complete,
The six-and-a-half meter (21feet 4inches) long, single-mirror James Webb telescope provides excellent viewing.

Currently, the Hubble Telescope’s single-pronged mirror looks 2.4 meters (7.8 feet) in diameter and weighs 827 kilograms. In the same way, without using a mirror that increases the diameter,
NASA’s James Webb has created a brand new mirror image that weighs only one tenth of Hubble.
18-independent beryllium mirrors hexagonal, gold-colored, enabling massive light accumulation when combined

“To collect more rain, you need a big bucket.
To collect more light, you need a big mirror “

So we have TheJamesWebbSpaceTelescope


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