Super habitable

The Glodilocks zone around a star means that the planets in this range contain liquid water.
The most important thing in exploring life outside the Solar System is to know if the planet is habitable, if so how to classify it, or what marks to give, and if so, according to which index.

Then there are two types of index to classify those types of planets. The first is the ESI or Earth similarity index. Here the aliens are compared to Earth and given a mark.

The mark is from zero to one. A mark of one means equal to the earth. Planetary density, surface temperature, radius, and escape velocity are all considered for marking.

Next is the PSI or Planetary habitability index. Here all the elements are looked at and only the total can be said whether it is habitable or not. A mark will fall to the ground accordingly.

The mark of the earth is 0.829. According to this, more than fifty habitable planets have been found. Some of these planets have higher ratings than Earth. Which means they are more habitable than the earth .They can be called super habitable.

One such planet is Kepler 442b, 1100 light-years away, with a rating (0.836) higher than Earth according to the index. Experts say that this planet is the most habitable planet known today.

A typical K-Type star, smaller than the Sun, with relatively less harmful radiation, and twice its lifespan. The super earth rocky planet is expected to have a magnetic field and an atmosphere that is close enough to hold liquid water around it.

Super earth and super habitable

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