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Some days without the moon ……………

There are many reasons why our earth may sit or look like this. The sun has a lot to say about the distance from the sun, the oceans, the atmosphere and the magnetic field. But like all of these, there is someone else who influences the earth in many ways. Our moon. Let’s think about his absence.

If there was no moon

The Moon has a profound effect on the climate, rotation, and life of our planet. Without the moon for the first time, night would be darker than we can imagine.

Our hand is not visible even when it is placed close to our face. It will seriously affect the life of the wildlife. This force causes the oceans to rise and fall.

That is, the moon increases the length of our day. Then in the absence of the moon our oceans would be confined to six to twelve hours a day as the oceans lay still and the earth rotated much faster.

The essence is to see the sun go down. Think about how much it will change the earth. More than a thousand days in a year. If there is no other moon, there will be no tides. Only very small tides under the influence of the sun are present.

The Moon stabilizes the current 23.5 degrees, which is the basis of the Earth’s eclipse. In the absence of the Moon, the Earth’s tilt may or may not increase. Increasing slopes can lead to extreme weather conditions in many places.

On the other hand, our various times will be lost as the slope of the earth is lost. In one place there will always be the same period and in some places continuous Ice age conditions.

Winds will be very strong on Earth in the absence of the Moon. This post tries to convey that there are many reasons why the earth is like this.

Thanks moon for keeping Earth Habitable

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