Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world. Diamond cannot be cut with any metal. You need a diamond to cut a diamond. It uses a metal sword made of diamond powder. Diamond is considered to be the hardest natural material. Diamonds range from yellow, brown, gray to colorless .. !!

Most of the crystal form of carbon is obtained from diamond mines. Wood and charcoal are trapped underground and become gems after thousands of years of exposure to heat and extreme pressure. As a diamond ages, its luster increases. At 900 degrees Celsius, carbon begins to burn slowly; At 1000 C it also turns into another carbon compound called “graphite”. Graphite becomes a diamond as this process continues for thousands of years. Diamond is a thermal conductor, but not an electric conductor. Its thermal conductivity is five times higher than that of copper.

Until 1955, diamonds were only mined. But the method of making diamonds as a result of chemical reaction was later developed. Synthetic diamonds were first made by the General Electric Company in the United States. Synthetic diamonds are made from graphite. The graphite is heated to a high pressure of 3000 C in a high-temperature furnace. Doing so will turn the graphite into a diamond. In many ways it looks like a natural diamond. It is used for jewelery and industrial purposes.

Found in Botswana, the Lesedi la Rona diamond is up for auction and valued at $70 million.

The most famous of the gemstones is the 106-carat Kohinoor, which was handed over from India and eventually crowned Queen by the British. The gemstone “Cullinan”, obtained from South Africa in January 1905, weighed approximately 3106-carats; It was named “Thomas Cullinan”, the chairman of the mining company Premier. It was later cut into small gems and dedicated to King Edward VII in 1907.

About 95% of uncut natural diamonds come from Africa. Before it goes on sale it is cut into many shapes and smoothed. Hundreds of years later, the brilliance of the diamond will not diminish .. !!

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