Jellyfish are the only living creatures that do not die

All living things in the universe usually die of old age. But there is a creature that never dies when it grows old. A species of jellyfish is referred to as this type of immortal.

The scientific name of this immortal jellyfish is Turritopsis dohrnii. They are immortalized in their ability to return to their infancy as soon as they feel old or sick or dying. They can turn fully grown cells back into immature cells. That is their trick.

The first stage in the growth of jellyfish is the attachment of polyps in the rock formations under the sea. They reach full growth within two to three weeks of hatching. After that, they have the ability to regenerate themselves into polyps in their body cells if they feel that death is imminent due to malnutrition or disease.

They only need three days to return to their infancy. The external appearance is similar to the first, but the internal structure changes each time it reaches the polyp form. Although they have the ability to survive on their own, they are not able to resist large creatures that feed on them.

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