Four ordinary people go into space and return safely to Earth The historic event took place yesterday, September 19,

The mission began on Thursday, September 16, with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft.
The fully automated Dragon capsule reached an altitude of 585 km. 60 km above the path of the International Space Station! It has a dragon’s domed window, similar to the cupola glass windows to the outside of the space station.
From there the travelers saw incredible views of the earth.

This Inspiration-4 is the first mission of SpaceX to the general public.
Isaac Mann, 37, CEO of Shift 4 Payments, an integrated payment processing company, was the first person behind the mission.
Other regular passengers on the Inspiration 4 were Cian Proctor (51), Hailey Arcino (29) and Chris Sembrowski (42).

The youngest of the passengers was Hailey, an assistant to a doctor in St. Jude who had survived childhood cancer. Seal Proctor and Chris Zembrowski were selected through competition. Isaac Mann, CEO of Shift 4 Payments, paid for all of this.

Six months ago, SpaceX gave them all the same training as astronauts.

The landing module, Inspiration-4, returned to Earth on Sunday after spending three days in orbit.
They made a soft landing off the coast of Florida.
After returning to Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft made a soft water landing with its two drags and four main parachutes.

It is worth mentioning that these 4 people orbited the earth for 3 days without the help of astronauts!

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