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How does zero gravity train astronauts?

November 24, 2022

Zero gravity can be created artificially Objects have weight because they are attracted by the earth. Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters per second. Even if an object is dropped in a controlled manner with the same acceleration, it will feel weightless during the fall. So if a human-carried vehicle can be brought as…

Want to be an astronaut? NASA’s virtual reality game will help

March 26, 2022

NASA is making this video game for those who are interested in experiencing Mars even before man lands on Mars Becoming an astronaut in real life is something only millions of people can do. NASA, the US space agency, is helping to get the experience of going to Mars without rigorous training and many experiments….

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei looks down at the ground inside the seven-window of the International Space Station

February 16, 2022

. The Soyuz MS-19 crew ship docked to the Roswet module next to the spacecraft … !! Mark Vande Hei holds the US record for most time spent in space. He will arrive at the station on April 9, 2021 and leave on March 30, 2022 ….

Made a hole in the spaceship to see her boyfriend, astronaut Serena’s ‘tough hand’

December 12, 2021

It has been reported that many people change their disguise and plot to meet their lover. But the world is now shocked by the austerity measures taken by an astronaut. Serious allegations have been leveled against US space agency NASA astronaut Serena Oun Chancer. Serena has been accused of making a hole in a spaceship…

We are here on the moon with our family …

October 23, 2021

When Apollo 16 landed on the moon on April 20, 1972, became the youngest man to set foot on the lunar surface. But he did one more thing. That is, he had earlier jokingly asked his family if we could all go to the moon. So he took his family photo taken by NASA on…

Four ordinary people go into space and return safely to Earth The historic event took place yesterday, September 19,

September 21, 2021

The mission began on Thursday, September 16, with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon spacecraft.The fully automated Dragon capsule reached an altitude of 585 km. 60 km above the path of the International Space Station! It has a dragon’s domed window, similar to the cupola glass windows to the outside of the space station.From…