Asgardia (Asgardia)The Space Kingdom

A country in space too! Yes. The thing is true.
The idea was mooted by the wealthy Russian industrialist and scientist Igor Asherbayli. Such a country was founded and renamed Asgardia. Asgard is the name of the land of the gods in the Norse religion of ancient Germany. Asher Bailey announced the new nation at a press conference in Paris on October 12, 2016.

Angardia’s first satellite was launched on November 12, 2017, ahead of the establishment of a nation in space. The country, which can accommodate five lakh people, is planned to be completed in phases like building a space station.

On December 27, Asgardia launched two other satellites. From saying so many things, I understand the nature of things. Given the $ 100 billion cost of building an international space station itself, one can only guess at how much the sky would cost.

This is the conclusion of Asher Bailey: “From the moment a child is born into space, mankind will live forever.” But it may have to wait at least a quarter of a century.

Asgardia, now with a population of over three million, is based in Vienna, Austria. Citizens also receive a Certificate of Citizenship. Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate here. To do just that, visit the Asgardia Space Nation website. Become a resident as it says and then take citizenship. Asgardia is a completely independent country, a future member of the United Nations – with all the features of this status – a government and embassies, a flag, a national anthem and a national emblem. It also has its own currency. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency technology that uses digital currency. It is also known as asgardiosol or ascardiosol. The value of a soul is one euro.

One would imagine that it would be very difficult to prepare a dwelling outside the land. It will take many more years for Asgardia to fully succeed! It requires years of experimentation and technological change. It also costs many crores. Whenever possible, selected men will be loaded onto spacecraft and sent to Asgard. By then, everything needed for human life will be ready.

The first commandment to the citizens of Asgardia was, “Do not bring to earth any disputes or problems of the earth.” There will be no religions, groups or organizations in Asgardia. People can pray to God alone if they want to. Science will be the principle that everyone agrees on. There will be a government that decides everything about the future of the country. There will be ministers to look after things.

That being the case, many countries are not looking at this with much friendliness. The main reason is that space does not belong to anyone. Many do not like Azargadia taking their citizens with them. Their question is that it is not enough if you live on earth. The Asgardians say that when the earth becomes uninhabitable tomorrow due to pollution, many of today’s mockers will be queuing up to get a visa to their heavenly realm.

Asgardia in the sky will be a country with exact rules like any good country on earth. The size of the country will increase as the population grows. This will be the first country to increase its size according to population!

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