Orion returns after seeing the moon

The whole world is waiting for NASA’s Orion spacecraft to return to Earth. Artemis and Orion spacecraft are a project that took many years and spent billions. The Orion probe, which went all the way to the moon and took pictures, brought a lot of valuable data back to Earth. It is expected to land in the sea on Sunday, December 11.

Meanwhile, many challenges await the Orion probe as it reenters Earth’s atmosphere. Nothing should happen to the Orion probe or the dummies inside as it plunges from the scorching heat into the ocean. If something like that happens, the Artemis mission will be in trouble again. Because of this, all the NASA researchers are eagerly waiting.

The goal of the Orion mission is to return safely to Earth after orbiting the Moon for 25 days. It is part of NASA’s Artemis mission to put humans back on the moon. Orion lands on the coast of Santiago in the Pacific Ocean after a 25.5-day mission.

After Orion’s successful landing on Earth, it will be followed by a manned orbit around the moon in 2024. After this, NASA will send a man to the moon. Many phases of the Artemis mission, including the construction of the SLS rocket, have not been completed on time by NASA. The launch was marred by fuel leaks, engine problems and even hurricanes.

After a long gap of more than fifty years, NASA plans to send man to the moon again. This is the first mission of NASA’s Artemis mission for this purpose. The Apollo missions that took many travelers to the moon were carried by a rocket named Saturn Five.

Artemis is now powered by one of the most powerful rockets ever built in the world…the Space Launch System, or SLS. Megarocket of the new age. In 2005, the prototypes of Artemis were put forward by NASA as various projects.

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