The most dangerous island

Densely green forest, beautiful beaches, clear waters and long shallow seas dotted with sea-puts, this isolated island in the Andaman archipelago is home to life, but once you land, you will never see the outside world again. The wildlife here is not the problem. Behind it is a very aggressive tribe called senitinellese.

In 1974, a director took a liking to this place and moved the ship closer. He had to return with an arrow that pierced his thigh. After the 2004 Tsunami, the Indian helicopter that came to help also got hit. In 2004, after the bodies of two fishermen who were unknowingly washed ashore in a boat to the island, the government came up with a law that the wild and mysterious people living here should not be disturbed in any way. .The one who came to preach the gospel and left too soon is another story

It is believed that they still follow the old stone age ways of wandering and hunting. They make their weapons from scraps of iron that come out of the sea. Due to their mystery, their number is sometimes as low as 50 and sometimes as high as 500. It is also thought that a long period of permanent residence may have given them a spoken language.

A race that has not yet been able to establish contact, understand methods, and understand language on Earth. They arrived from Africa about 60,000 years ago and are the most unmixed and pure race. But because of this, they are untouched by the outside world, and a virus or bacteria from the outside world can wipe them out in an instant.

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