OPPENHEIMER A Film by Christopher Nolan

Oppenheimer is the next film of Christopher Nolan who directed hit films like Interstellar. The movie that fans all over the world are waiting for. A few words about Oppenheimer. But it does not go into the interior of the movie.
He was an American theoretical physicist with German roots and was also a physics teacher at the University of California.

The fields of physics were many. But got another name “Father of Atom Bomb”.
When Germany and Poland were conquered in 1939, the scientists informed the government of the danger if they first made an atomic bomb. According to the needs of the military, some physicists led by Oppenheimer were assigned the task of how to make the atomic bomb work. Then, the team formed for the atomic bomb was the Manhattan project.

Finally, the day came. On July 16, 1946, the first nuclear explosion was successfully carried out near Mexico. He saw this explosion and copied its lines like this: “Now I become the death, The destroyer of the world

James Cameron is the king of computer graphics.

But Nolan, who destroyed a Boeing 747 for the movie tenet, did not miss it this time either. Below is what he recently captured without any computer graphics (CGI) of what looks like a nuclear explosion for the new film Oppenheimer.

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