Anti-matter is an object that is as real as the ordinary matter that has made us all.

Do not go to distant planets or galaxies to find the antimatter. It is with us. It is within us

It is estimated that each of our bodies produces about 4000 antimatter particles every day.

Similarly, PET scan or Positron Emission Tomography scan, a diagnostic method used to detect tumors and other diseases inside the body, is based on the antimotor particle positron

You can hear and see the radio activity. Some elements in nature, such as uranium and thorium, are naturally radioactive. The three types of radiation produced by this type of radioactivity are alpha, beta, and gamma. This is something we have learned in school in the past. This includes the flow of beta, normal, and negatively charged electrons. However, some radioactive elements emit positive beta particles. Positron is a positive beta. It is the antimatter particle of the electron.
Potassium is an element that emits positron radiation in this way. Natural potassium also contains small amounts of the radioactive isotope potassium known as potassium 40. Our body contains 140 grams of potassium, of which 16 mg is radioactive potassium 40. Sometimes a positive beta or positron comes out of it. This is 4000 positrons on the day I mentioned earlier.

Then you ask why we do not explode. This is because you will hear that a lot of energy is generated when anti-matter and normal matter collide. That’s right. But the resulting energy is related to the mass of the particle (mass) according to the equation E = mc2.
Electrons are very, very light in the elementary particle. So is positron. When we say 4000 positrons, its mass is very, very small. . Therefore, the energy produced by it is very, very low. We can not even recognize.

We still have a lot to learn about antimatter. Therefore, it is an area where a lot of research is being done. Some of you may have heard that it costs a lot to produce antimatter. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. One gram of antimatter can cost billions. Yet it produces, because studies about it will open up a lot of new areas for us.

Studies on antimatter may be able to unravel many of the unsolved mysteries about the origin of the universe, the possibilities for rapid space travel, and perhaps the realization of concepts such as wormholes.

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