Guinness World Record Winning lightning

Lightning strikes 160 nights a year, and it can be very loud and its light visible even from a distance of 400 km .. !! There is such a special place on our earth. This is a phenomenon that occurs on the surface of Lake Maracave, part of the Kata Thumponadi, a small part of northwestern Venezuela .. !!

This process, called Continui to Lightning, has been going on for hundreds of years. Hurricanes are a regular occurrence on the banks of the Katatumpe River. This process results in the formation of thunder and lightning. Occasionally, it occurs 280 times per hour. It usually occurs in clouds that form over the river. The sky here is illuminated by lightning for about nine hours at night. Lightning strikes more than 28 times a minute. In 2016, lightning struck 3,600 times per hour !! The region holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having 1.2 million lightnings per year .. !!

Although this phenomenon has been going on for centuries, the scientific community has not been able to give a one hundred percent clear answer as to why.

Some believe that this area is a reaction to the natural topography, wind and heat. Marakkave Lake is surrounded on three sides by the Andes Mountains; Most scientists believe that lightning is the result of a strong heat wave from the Caribbean Sea that warms the region and cools the Antis mountains.

Methane levels are high in the swamps of this region. There is always an argument that this phenomenon is the result of the reaction of the respondent.
Katatumbo Lightning plays a special role in the hearts of Venezuelans. It is related to the independence struggle of the nation. This place was once a Spanish colony. In 1595, a naval force led by the British sailor Surfrancis Drake invaded the area.
Due to the strong lightning that occurred at night, Pari completely collapsed and collapsed .. !!!

At one point during the fighting with the army of the Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar in the early nineteenth century, the Spanish army launched an attack on Maracavo, but the biggest obstacle to the military advance was the sheaf thumbo lightning. Bolivar won the final battle .. !!

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