Sniping is more than just pulling the trigger, it’s a combination of science and skill that involves moving your fingers. A ?????? has to take a lot of things into consideration before taking a shot from kilometers away. He has to consider not only wind, humidity, snow, distance but also the rotation of the earth if the shot is kilometers long. (coriolis effect)

A spotter is an accompanying person who looks through binoculars and reports the situation. In those moments, physics and maths will run through their heads. He has years of training to use them in the field. Carlos Hathcock’s shot from 2,286 meters away in 1967 has stood as the longest-range shot for years.

Then, in 2012, an Australian sniper killed a Taliban leader in Afghanistan at a distance of 2,815 meters (1.8 miles). For the time being, it is considered that the shot from the farthest distance killed him. (using Barret M82A1). In larger long shots, the enemy can be seen in the scope after at least four to five seconds after firing.

? 200 intervention
Sniper ?file

The current number one sniper rifle in the world at long range. The company claims that it can easily hit a target up to three kilometers away. The range will go above that. About five countries like Britain and Italy are using them.

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