A small spacecraft called the Space Suite

A space suit is the equivalent of a small spacecraft. The main purpose of the space suit is to protect the astronaut from the heat, pressure and ultraviolet rays of space. It can also block particles traveling at 18,000 miles per hour. It has all the mechanisms to sustain life in space, including oxygen for breathing and communication. The most expensive part of the space suit is the gloves.

NASA’s current space suites were priced between $ 15 million and $ 22 million in 1974. NASA has not built any extra-vehicle suites ready for the new mission since 1974. Since 2009, NASA has spent about $ 200 million on space suits.

The space suits NASA is currently using are about 40 years old. NASA built 18 space suits in 1974 for the space shuttle program. Of these, only 4 now remain.

NASA has now developed a space suite called xEMU. It was developed for NASA’s Artemis Moon program.

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