Lockheed Martin U2. First class American spy

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Due to its peculiar design, temporary small tires are attached to both sides of the wings before take off….they separate from the aircraft at the moment of take off….

At the time of landing, a car comes behind the plane at high speed… At the last moment of landing, a wing of the U2 loses balance and touches the floor… A titanium shield is placed on the side of the wing to protect the wing… The next moment, technicians come out of the vehicle and on both sides of the wing. and mounting the temporary small tires nicknamed pogos….some of you may be surprised at the circus they have to put on then…those poor people struggling to fit a tire by raising and lowering the wings….

Nicknamed the Dragon Lady, this aircraft is capable of flying at an altitude of 70,000 feet in any weather and collecting information….Its designer is Clarence Kelly Johnson…86 have been built so far…in American service since 1957…unlike other pilots. The pilot of this plane is flying in a space suit… because of its incredible altitude…

It is said that in the past, suicide pills containing potassium cyanide were given to the pilot traveling in this plane as the main mission was espionage..flight endurance is 12 hours….Range 10300km…

Maximum speed 805km/h…despite this the aircraft was shot down twice in 1960 and 1962…one in Soviet and another in Cuba….

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