Vulture bees

New research suggests that bees may be becoming carnivores. Three species of bees have become carnivores in the Latin American country of Costa Rica.

Eagle bees are meat-eating bees that feed on pollen and pollen. This change is due to the strong competition between bees for honey and pollen. . They have special teeth for catching and eating meat.

The behavior of locusts, which belong to the bee family, is now affecting bees as well. The carnivorous bacteria found in the digestive system of juvenile meat eagles and donkeys and the lactobacillus bacteria found in fermented foods are also found in the stomachs of these bees. That is why they are called eagle bees.

Although they eat meat, they do not lose the sweetness of their honey. The eagle keeps the bee meat in special compartments in the hive. Once the meat is brought in, it is sealed for two weeks. Then start eating them. The meat is kept far away from the honey storage compartments. So there are no other problems.

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