Can man survive death?

There are many immortal creatures in the biological world. Large red prawns found in the sea are biologically immortal.

Some species of turtles can live up to five centuries. There are many creatures on this earth that live in impossible conditions.

Bacteria such as Deinococcus radiodurans can survive in any adverse conditions. This micro-organism does not perish in extreme heat, airless conditions, acid or extreme cold. They can live comfortably even in areas exposed to a thousand times more radioactive radiation than humans can afford.

Not all living things on earth die. Many primitive creatures on earth are still not dead. Those creatures that have not been born for billions of years are still on earth today.

There was a time when there was no death on earth. The fact is that the biological phenomenon of death did not exist in the beginning of life! Primitive microorganisms did not have the ability to die. None of them experienced natural death as they got older. According to evolutionary history, death was a later choice. As in the case of sexual reproduction, death in a species is caused by a natural selection.
All the living creatures we see today, including humans, evolved from immortal beings.

Dead cells are the cause of organism death. Natural death occurs when cells gradually lose their ability to divide. That is,
The division of living organisms is based on the self-division of living cells. Each cell has a limited ability to divide.

All dying species have this cell division limit, or Hayflik limit. The hayflick limit for humans is 50-70. Of man
Mitosis occurs 32 times during pregnancy. At 56 days after birth, the next division takes place. After an average of 50-70 times, the cell’s dividing capacity is lost and the cells’ senescence begins. The main cause of this degeneration is the shortening of the telemores that protect the ends of the chromosomes. Cellular senescence occurs as telomeres become depleted and their ability to divide is reduced. As a result, life becomes old; And gradual death.

If cell division could be maintained – if infinite cell division could be achieved in a “favorable” manner, perhaps humans could achieve eternal life without being affected by the degenerative nerves .

Science has been driven by man’s unquenchable quest for inquiry since birth. Science is evolving. Many things that were impossible until yesterday are possible today, and many things that are impossible today will be possible tomorrow …
Mankind’s dream of ‘surviving death’ will one day be realized through science.

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