The intermittent long eclipses observed while observing the star J1407 astonished astronomers that at first it was thought to be a planet, but when closely observed, the data obtained suggest that it was orbiting like Saturn. This is the first time we know of a planet with rings like Saturn.
With a total diameter of about 30 rings, this belt is 120 million km in diameter, 200 times the size of Saturn’s ring, and in fact, Saturn’s orbit is many times larger than the full moon. You can see the gap between the rings. Experts say the debris may have been combined to form satellites or exomoons. Therefore, over the course of millions of years, these rings may have decayed and become moons, as their parent planet and star are still young. Our Jupiter and Saturn are thought to have had large rings in the past and to have been eroded by the formation of moons over time.

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