The owner of the brain in this photo is a woman named Cameron Mott. This woman only has half a brain

The other half of her brain had to be removed when she was four years old due to seizures.

With this half-brain she later lived beautifully.

How did this happen?

Not that Cameron needs half a brain. Instead, the remaining half of Cameron’s brain took over the functions of the missing part.
That is, all the functions of the brain are reduced to half the space of the brain.

This recovery of half of Cameron’s brain demonstrates the remarkable ability of the brain to rewire itself with inputs:

Neuroscientists call it liveware.

Although the adult brain may not undergo the same neuroplasticity or rewiring as a child’s, it still retains the amazing ability to adapt and change.

From book ‘The Brain: The Story of You’
By David Eagleman

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