This is Titan.

Saturn’s largest moon.

It is bigger than our moon and Mercury. Another is that streams, rivers, lakes, etc. are found here like ours. (not water.. made of ethane, methane)

It has a thick atmosphere, one and a half times the Earth’s atmospheric pressure.
None of the other 177 known moons in the Solar System have an atmosphere like this.

You don’t need a big pressure suit to get out, just a suit that adjusts the oxygen temperature

The gravity is slightly higher than that of the Moon. The temperature is -179 celsius (-290F). The atmosphere is mostly nitrogen. Day almost always feels like dusk

For those on one side of a tidally locked planet, Saturn is always visible in the sky.

The photos above are processed infrared images captured by the Cassini spacecraft from 2004 to 2017.

A composite image of Saturn’s moon Titan taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

To learn more about Titan in 2027, NASA is planning a mission called Rotorcraft.

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