A thousand years to orbit the sun

Which is the farthest object we know of in the solar system, a planetary system consisting of Earth? Many would answer that Pluto, once a planet and now a dwarf planet, is wrong.

There are objects in the Solar System beyond Pluto. The dwarf planet Far Far Out now has the reputation of being the closest known object in the Solar System to the Sun.

Far Out, scientifically named 2018 AG37, is 132 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. The farthest object we know of before was another dwarf planet, Far Out. The distance between the Sun and the Earth was 124 times the distance between the Sun and the Sun. This record has now been broken.

There are a lot of very interesting things going on around Far Far Out. It takes a thousand years for the Far Out to orbit the Sun once. Due to this, the movement of this dwarf planet is very slow. The orbit of Far Far Out is elliptical. The diameter is 400 km. It is the smallest of the dwarf planets. This dwarf planet is full of ice.

In 2018, Far Far Out was discovered by a team led by University of Hawaii researcher David Tolaner. But researchers say it is not yet time to confirm that Far Out is the farthest object in the Solar System. Humans are just beginning to gain the ability to explore distant regions of the Solar System. New objects like this may still appear. Those discoveries will correct our perceptions of the solar system.

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