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A thousand years to orbit the sun

June 26, 2022

Which is the farthest object we know of in the solar system, a planetary system consisting of Earth? Many would answer that Pluto, once a planet and now a dwarf planet, is wrong. There are objects in the Solar System beyond Pluto. The dwarf planet Far Far Out now has the reputation of being the…

Our closest Invisible star!

May 29, 2022

What is the brightest star?If the Sun is the nearest star to the EarthThe second closestA star or star close to the Sun.What will it be? The brightest star is SiriusWe know thatAnd the nearest starMust be Sirius?But someone who cannot be seen with our naked eyesHidden near the earth.Do it only through the telescopeYou…

Dwarf planet named after Pandit Jasraj ‘2006 vp32’

November 28, 2021

The Dwarf Planet was named after the famous Indian musician Pandit Jasraj by the International Astronomical Union. Pandit Jasraj is a 2006 dwarf planet orbiting Mars and Jupiter named VP32. This is the first time an Indian object has been named after a space object. There are space objects named after Mozart and Beethoven. According…