It sounds like a weird story, but Type II’s unimaginable source of power!

Going forward on the Kardashian scale, the journey will go from controlling the planet as a whole, to controlling a star and beyond.

Upon reaching Type III (Type III: Galactic Culture), a species becomes a galaxy traveler and the race learns about all aspects of energy, resulting in a master race. In the case of humans, it would be millions of years of evolution — biological and mechanical — radical evolution.

The inhabitants of this type of III civilization may be incredibly different from the human race. These may be cybergues (or cybernetic creatures, biological and at the same time robotic creatures), and the descendants of ordinary humans may continue to be a subspecies in that highly advanced society.

These human beings, who live completely biologically, are seen by their cybernetic successors as disabled, inferior, and undeveloped !!

At this point, Homo sapiens will probably develop colonies of robots capable of ‘copying themselves’.

As the galaxies colonize and spread throughout the galaxy, their population may increase to millions. Dyson may have formed spheres to accommodate each of these, creating a vast network of energy carrying them to the parent planet.

Type IV: (Type IV: Universal Culture) –
This civilization will be an intergalactic culture that spans a universe. They travel around the universe, gaining the power of a billion trillion suns.
These societies will have the ability to project magnificent, supernatural proportions, such as slowing down the structure of space-time (or achieving its opposite) to achieve ultimate immortality.

How much more incredible are these galactic technological advances in the future than the magical absurd stories currently being written?

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