The InSight Mars Lander will soon come to rest

NASA has announced that the work of InSight Lantern, which was sent by NASA to study the interior of Mars, will soon stop. The lantern only has enough energy to function for four to eight weeks.

After the storm, the solar panels that collect energy for the lantern are getting dusty. With this, the charge in the battery started decreasing.

The InSight mission has helped to study the internal structure of Mars and the Martian vibration. The mission was planned for two years but was extended to four years. As the lantern runs out of power, NASA will disconnect from the lantern.

Bruce Bannert, principal investigator of the InSight mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said the InSight mission was a bigger success than expected. The mission helped estimate the thickness of Mars’ outer layer, measure the size and density of the interior, and gather details of the mantle. Apart from the Earth and the Moon, this mission made it possible to study the internal structure of another planet. He added.

InSight was able to detect 1,318 Martian tremors. Apart from this, Lander has also been able to collect information about meteorite falls on Mars.

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