The world’s first five-star space hotel will open to guests in 2025.

Named the Voyager Class Space Station, the first offshore hotel has a capacity of 400 people. The space hotel has bars, movie halls, restaurants and even a gymnasium.

Construction of the space hotel is scheduled to begin in 2025 by the American company Orbital Assembly Corporation. The California-based company has not disclosed the cost of their dream venture.

The Earth’s Space Hotel orbits the Earth every 90 minutes. Tourists can also experience artificial gravity similar to that of the lunar surface.

The construction is circular in metal. There will be opportunities for travelers, scientists and space explorers in special areas specially set up outside the space hotel. There are 24 sections of the space hotel reserved for guests. The rest are planned to be leased to governments or private companies or on their own.

The hotel offers amenities similar to those of a cruise ship. There will be special themed restaurants, health spas, libraries and even concert venues. SpaceX has been tasked with transporting travelers from Earth to the space hotel and back.

OAC is the first company to try to implement the concept of a space hotel. 15 weeks of special training is mandatory for guests arriving to stay at the Space Hotel. Ten days later, the astronauts set off after experiencing artificial life on Earth.

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