Biggest TECH Company in the World

Would you believe that the microchips that run the computer I’m using to write this article and the phone or computer or tab you’re using to read this are made by the same company’s technology? Believe me…that’s the truth.

If you ask which is the biggest ‘tech’ company of this century, most people will think it will be Microsoft or Google or Meta, Samsung, or Apple, Intel or any of these? But for all these to work, we need hardware….if we want to make microchips inside that hardware….for that we need ASML…yes, all the world’s electronics / tech monopoly giants are indebted to the Netherlands company called Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography (ASML) Holding.

All advanced microchips manufactured in the world today are manufactured using ASML’s machines.
Chips are everywhere. From artificial satellites to toys, microchips are in your car, smartphone, and refrigerator. Without ASML, no chips, no progress without chips.

Started as a subsidiary of Philips in 1984, ASML sells its machines to Intel, TSMC and Samsung.
ASML is the only company in the world that manufactures EUV lithography systems

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