The secret of Michael Jackson tilting 45 degrees

Michael Jackson’s 1987 music album ‘Smooth Criminal’ shocked the world with his amazing performance of tilting 45 degrees on a dance floor.
Even dancers and scientists around the world are puzzled as to how this is possible.

A normal person can tilt forward by 20 to 25 degrees and a well trained person can lean forward up to a maximum of 30 degrees. If it is tilted more than that, the nose will fall to the ground. This is because the muscles in the back of our legs and spine contain only the maximum slope.
The question then is how Michael Jackson would bend his body 45 degrees forward by standing up straight.

This is the answer to that secret. The secret that made them such a solid player in the industry, is their ability to keep their shoes on. Michael Jackson made his shoes in a similar way to the shoes of air travelers. He had the help of two of his Hollywood friends, air travelers, who attached a V-shaped piece to the heel of his shoe. The heavy anchor attached to the floor in the middle (V) cleverly trapped him so that the shoe had excessive support when moving forward and allowed him to stand still at 45 degrees.

The construction of the shoes also had its peculiarities.
Despite this, experts say that the construction and structure of the shoe alone is not enough, but the muscles of the foot and the spine need to be strengthened. No one else has ever been as dedicated as Michael Jackson.

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