A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking’s book that has sold over one million copies

‘A Brief History of Time’ is the most popular science book available in the world today for the study of the universe, which has sold over one million copies.

Stephen Hawking is a wheelchair-bound physicist. Although he suffered from dementia during his studies, his intelligence could not be prevented from performing miracles. But to the astonishment of even the scientific world, Stephen lived for five decades. He did not push life away from his sickbed, but showed the world new avenues with his wheelchair-bound brain.

His book, A Brief History of Time, sheds light on everything from the Big Bang theory that the universe came into being in a big bang to the darkness of black holes. A Brief History of Time is one of the most popular science books in the world today. Stephen Hawking’s book was published in 1988. In this book, Hawking describes the inner workings of the universe in a way that is understandable to any ordinary person. A Brief History of Time provided a fantastic reading experience, even for those who knew nothing about scientific theories. That is why this famous book has sold over one crore copies. Five Years A Brief History of Time has been selected as the most read book in the world. One crore copies have been sold in 20 years.

Translated into 2001 in 35 languages. A review by the Sunday Times found that A Brief History of Time was the best-selling book of five consecutive years. He was the owner of the most brilliant living brain in the world after Albert Einstein.

Hawkings was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England, the son of Frank and Isabel. His parents wanted him to become a doctor. But Stephen was interested in mathematics and physics. He graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Physics and Natural Sciences. He later began research in cosmology at the University of Cambridge. Stephen Hawking fell in love with Jane Wilde, whom he met during research. Stephen tried to avoid Jane Wilde when he was diagnosed with a deadly disease. But they were determined to marry Stephen. They had two children, Lucy, Timothy and Robert. After breaking up with Jane Wilde, he married a nurse named Elaine Mason.

The Brief History of Time also holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling book. He has won 12 honorary awards, including the British Government’s highest honor, the CBE (1981). The world will be amazed by the coincidence that Einstein was born and Hawking died on March 14.

“How we are born is not our fault, but how we die is ours alone.”

Famous words by Stephen Hawking.

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