What happens if the head gets stuck in the particle accelerator tube?

What happens if particles smaller than atoms (subatomic particles) pass through the living human body at the speed of light?

Has that ever happened to anyone?

So what happened to that man?

Year 1978
Dated July 13
Location Soviet Union.

Anatoly Burgos‌ki, a Soviet scientist, was inspecting the largest particle accelerator in the Soviet Union, U30, to inspect the machine for problems with the synchrotron machine.
Meanwhile, the security system malfunctioned and a stream of proton particles passed through Bugarovsky’s head, which was adjusting the particle machine.

What happened to Bugarovsky then was something that had never happened before on earth. Although proton therapy already exists as part of cancer treatment, proton beam has not been applied beyond 250 million electron volts (energy level of small particles).

But it was seventy-six billion electron volts that went through Bugarovsky’s head !!! Three hundred times the size and power !!

Three hundred times the volt used to burn cancer cells !!

Bugarowski saw intense light inside his brain
But there was no pain at all!
Doctors immediately diagnosed Bugarovsky with a swollen part of his face
Transferred to a hospital in Moscow. The doctors expected a big accident. Part of Bugarovsky’s face was scratched. He lost an ear. Bugariszka hurricane after accident,

But Bugarovsky survived the accident and is still alive.

Bugarowski described the experience in an interview with Wired magazine in 1997.

Surprisingly, doctors later found that one side of Bugaroski’s brain was very active after the accident. There was no damage to Bugarovsky’s intellect or memory. Bugarowski later completed his research and received his doctorate !!

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